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Our answers to questions are not a substitute for a consultation with a professional who can inform you of all the facts of your particular situation. We answer questions in general terms only, to give you information that may used as a starting point.
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Note the following Question Guidelines...
Ask A Dietitian is a free service and therefore we prefer to answer nutrition questions that are general in nature and of common interest to all our visitors.

We ask that you take time to review the Site content and Question Archive before sending your question. We often get questions which we've already answered or questions for which the answer can be found in a quick look through the site.

We do not to answer questions from people who provide their details and want a personal analysis, diet or exercise plan in this section. These require a full assessment by a dietitian which is available in our fee-based nutrition services.

We do not answer questions which are school assignments - these are generally easy to spot, we encourage you to do your own research.

We focus on nutrition, please do not ask medical questions - these usually require an assessment from a physician. Kindly consult your doctor for these questions.

Your question may be edited for readability or paraphrased to make it suitable for general viewing.

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