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Fats: Where Its At
Sugar and Salt
Focus on Calcium
Shopping Smart
Cooking Tips
Snack Attacks
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Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating Tips
Here are some tips for eating healthy at home, work, and elsewhere to help you get started.

Fats - Where It's At
How much fat should you have? How do you check your diet for fat? What is cholesterol? Find out!
Sugar & Salt: Hidden in Food
We all like having sugar & salt. Are we eating too much? We may be as there is a significant amount hidden in our foods.
Focus on Calcium
We have heard that calcium is important to health, especially for women and children. How much calcium do we need and how can we get enough of it?
Shopping Smart
Tips for getting the best value for your money as well as how to shop for healthy foods.
Cooking Tips
Interested in cutting back on fat, sugar & salt in homemade dishes? Here are some cooking tips.
Snack Attack
Are snacks bad for us? Will we gain weight if we snack too often?
Should our kids be snacking? Find out.

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