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What's the Fuss about Fat Burners?
You walk into a drugstore and you see rows upon rows of fat burners...
Salt Intake & High Blood Pressure
Latest research finds a high salt intake does drive up blood pressure...
Exercise & Chronic Heart Failure
Daily exercise improved the health of patients with CHF...
Exercise for Seniors
Many people feel that it is dangerous to exercise after a certain age. Actually, it is probably more dangerous not to....
Reading Food Labels
If you want to improve your diet, try doing some light reading at the grocery store...
Make Your Move
Exercise is one of the most important things you can do for yourself
this year...
 Nutrition Basics
What do the experts say about how much fat, sodium and alcohol we should have daily? How does one plan meals using the Food Guide Pyramid?
 Healthy Eating
Healthy eating can be a challenge for all age groups - from infants to seniors. Have questions about fats, sugar & salt? Get your answers here.
  Dining Out
Get tips for healthy dining out and check out how much fat & calories are in your favorite fast foods.
 Nutrition Tools
Wondering if you should lose weight? Or you want to know how many calories are burned at the gym. Try our Calculators to find out.
  Ask A Dietitian
Have a nutrition question? Ask our dietitian or look through the question archive for past answers.
  Nutrition Services
We have developed a number of online services which you will find to be convenient and useful.
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