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Make Your Move
Exercise is one of the most important things you can do for yourself this year. It may have long lasting benefits, along with helping you to feel great all year.

Running or walking on the treadmill has been shown to be the best exercise while in the gym as you can sustain it for longer and the pace can be varied more frequently. It is also better than running outdoors because it is easier on your joints and muscles, in addition to being safer. However, your heart will benefit from any exercise. Benefits include:
  • Decrease risk of heart disease, cancers and other illnesses.
  • Get more and better sleep.
  • Decrease jet lag.
  • Look and Feel great
  • Plus many more!
To get the full benefit of exercising you should exercise 3-5 days per week for a time period of at least 30 minutes. Getting your heart rate up to 65-75% of your VO2 max for 30 minutes will strengthen your heart.
Top 10 Tips For Finding Time For Exercise
If you're like most people, finding time for exercise is difficult. Here are my Top 10 tips to help you in that quest.
  1. Make exercise a priority.
    We all make time in our lives for the things that are most important to us. If I told you I'd give you a million dollars if you exercised everyday for the next 30 days, would you do it? Sure you would, because it would suddenly become a priority. If you're serious about finding time for exercise, then it must be a priority in your life.
  2. Block out the same time period everyday for exercise.
    This way it becomes part of your daily routine just like brushing your teeth. Guard this time period vehemently. It is your time to take care of yourself.
  3. Exercise first thing in the morning.
    This is when your exercise time is least likely to get interrupted by other things.
  4. Turn off the television.
    The average adult spends 16 hours per week watching television. One of my clients told me that she resolved to only watch television while she was exercising. You may not be interested in taking it that far but you can certainly cut out a few hours of television a week to make time for exercise.
  5. Wake up earlier in the morning to exercise.
    The early bird gets the worm and in this case a good workout, too.
  6. Spend 30 minutes or so exercising on your lunch break.
    You'll eat less and get more exercise.
  7. Get a book rack for your stair climber or treadmill and spend some of your reading time exercising.
    It's a novel way to knock off the pounds.
  8. Visit with your spouse or friend while walking around the neighborhood.
    It's much more entertaining than sitting on the couch watching TV.
  9. Take a couple of days to write down how you spend your time everyday.
    Then determine how you can better use your time to fit in exercise.
  10. Make your exercise as enjoyable as possible.
    You will be much more likely to find time for things you enjoy.
So no more excuses, get out and get going.
Some New Exercise Classes You'll Love
Body sculpting is one of the most popular workouts available. It tones your arms, legs, rear, and tummy and helps you to burn fat faster. When you build lean muscle, you speed up your metabolism. You lift light weights and stretch with oversize elastic bands wrapped around your arms or ankles to work your muscles.

Step aerobics can be found at most gyms and community centers. The classes are set to music as you move. You step up, down, and sideways on an adjustable platform. The steps range in height from four to twelve inches. It tones your rear and legs and gets your heart and lungs in shape.

Pilates movements help to lengthen and tone muscles, increase flexibility, sculpt abdominal muscle, and improve posture. Most moves are repeated four to ten times, accompanied by rhythmic breathing. The positions are performed on a mat or on five different kinds of equipment.

Yoga is based on ancient Eastern philosophy. It combines balance positions with meditation and deep breathing. Yoga helps to relieve stress and improve flexibility and strength.

Spinning is indoor cycling on a stationary bike. As you adjust the tension on the pedals it mimics riding hills and valleys. You move to the beat of background music. Spinning improves your endurance and strengthens your back and abs.

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