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The Food Guide Pyramid
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How to Rate Your Diet
You may want to rate you diet for a few days. Follow these four steps.

Step 1.

Jot down everything you ate yesterday for meals and snacks. Grams of Fat
Step 2.

Write down the number of grams of fat in each food you list.
»Use the Pyramid Food Choices Chart to get an idea of the number of grams of fat to count for the foods you ate.
»Use nutrition labels on packaged foods you ate to find out the grams of fat they contain.

Step 3.

Answer these questions:
»Did you have the number of servings from the 5 major food groups that are right for you? (See previous chart to determine the number of servings that are right for you.)
  Circle the Servings Right for You Servings You Had
Bread, cereal, rice & pasta 6 7 8 9 10 11  
Vegetables 3 4 5  
Fruit 2 3 4  
Milk 2 3  
Meat, Poultry, Fish, Dry beans, Eggs & Nuts (oz) 5 6 7  
How did you do? Not enough? About right?

»Add up your grams of fat listed in Step 2. Did you have more fat than the amount right for you?
  Grams Right for You Grams You Had
Fat    53 73 93  
How did you do? Too much? About right?

»Do you need to watch the amount of added sugars you eat? See the previous chart to estimate the number of teaspoons of added sugars in your food choices.
  Teaspoons Right for You Teaspoons You Had
Sugars 6 12 18  
How did you do? Too much? About right?

Step 4.

Decide what changes you can make for a healthier diet. Start by making small changes, like switching to lowfat salad dressings or adding an extra serving of vegetables. Make additional changes gradually until healthy eating becomes a habit.

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