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About Nutrition Works

Nutrition Services

In response to demands for additional Nutrition Services, Nutrition Works - the parent company of this site - is currently developing an array of services over the internet which will extend their consulting practice online.
Online Services
Priority Ask The Dietitian
Do you have specific questions on nutrition that you need answered? Wondering if you are feeding your child right or how you can lose that extra weight ? Submit your question for a prompt, private answer.
Coming Soon
Phone Consultations
Book a half hour call with our registered dietitian on-line and discuss with her your nutrition questions in the privacy of your own home.
Coming Soon
Food Intake Analysis and Nutritional Assessment
Have your diet evaluated and find out what you are getting too much of and which nutrients you lack. Your food analysis comes complete with practical advice and realistic suggestions on how to improve your diet!
Coming Soon
Weight Loss / Weight Management Programs and Counselling
Need to lose weight? Get a personal consultation with the registered dietitian, plus a full 12-weeks meal plans, exercise and other useful dieting tips on-line.
Coming Soon

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