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Waist-Hip Ratio
Waist-to-hip ratio (WHR) looks at the proportion of fat stored on your body around your waist and hip. Most people store their body fat in two distinct ways: 1) around your middle (the apple shape) and 2) around your hips (the pear shape).

For most people, the apple shape or carrying extra weight around the middle places them at a higher health risks than carrying extra weight around their hips or thighs or the pear shape. Keep in mind that this is just one assessment that is used in measuring overall health risk. Overall obesity, however, is still of greater risk than where fat is stored on your body. Other important measurements are Body Mass Index (BMI) and percentage of body fat.
Where to Measure
1. Measure waist at the navel in men, and midway between the bottom of the ribs and the top of the hip bone in women.
2. Measure hips at the tip of the hip bone in men and at the widest point between the hips and buttocks in women.
3. Divide your waist size at its smallest by your hip size at its largest and you get a Waist-to-Hip ratio.

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The lowest healthy ratio is not yet known. But many experts agree that:

Healthy ratio for Women is: 0.8 or lower
Men is: 1.0 or lower
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